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What is Canned peeled tomatoes?
Canned peeled tomatoes are a popular ingredient used in many cuisines around the world, including Italian, Mexican, and Mediterranean cuisines. They are also commonly used in sauces, stews, and soups. The process of canning peeled tomatoes involves first blanching the tomatoes in boiling water, which helps loosen the skin. The tomatoes are then plunged into cold water to stop the cooking process and make them easier to handle. The skin is then removed, and the tomatoes are packed into cans with their juice or a light tomato puree. When shopping for canned peeled tomatoes, it's important to look for high-quality brands that use ripe and fresh tomatoes. Some popular brands of canned peeled tomatoes include TIANZ brand. It's also important to check the ingredients list and nutritional information on the label. Look for canned tomatoes that are free from additives and preservatives and are low in sodium. TIANZ tomato paste co.,ltd  also offer different varieties of canned tomatoes, such as diced or crushed, to suit different cooking needs.



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